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Educational Services
  • Daily Brain Tonic
  • Scholarship
  • Knowledge Bank
  • Question Bank
  • Ask Any Question
  • Learning Videos

Daily Brain Tonic

Through Daily Brain Tonic, every day 10 different subjects are presented to the student via Infographic, covering science, history, geography, administration, art, culture, sports, etc., requiring just 10 minutes. Three new words are also provided daily, to improve vocabulary. Why, What, Where & how increase child’s compatibility every day for example, where is blood purified? Why is the rainbow in the sky? What is Wi-Fi Technology?
Through this method, Info Dots get created in the minds of the students, on a daily basis, to develop a knowledge map effectively
Covered Section
  • - Good Thought
  • - Day in History
  • - Improve Vacabulary
  • - Why What Where How
  • - Know our World
  • - Know our State
  • - Know Our Country
  • - Person of the Day
  • - Place of the Day

Talent Hunt Scholarship

In Daily Challenge, every day the student is asked 10 questions, based on Daily Brain Tonic. The test pattern is in line with competitive exams of MPSC Prelim / Mains, followed by an interview. This design makes the student understand the pattern and prepares for the competitive examinations.
Scholarship Pattern (3 Level )
  • - Prelim (State Level - Cut off)
  • - Main (State Level - Cut off)
  • - Interview at Pune (Interviewer - Ex Collector, Ex Commissioner and Ex Chief Secretary, IAS and IPS)
  • - Scholarship

Knowledge Bank

Knowledge Bank has about 25,000+ pages of information on various Global topics with pictures, videos and recent news.
  • - Languages: Marathi and English
  • - Images, Photos, Maps, Diagrams & Videos Clips
  • - Daily Content updates
  • - Current Affairs
  • - 2000+ biographics
  • - 1500 famous places
  • - Topics: Universe, World, India, Maharashtra, Games, Science, History, Geography, Civics, Maths, Interview preparation, English, Marathi, Tourism, Economics, Aptitude, Art and culture, Organizations and many more...

Question Bank

20000+ questions database on various subjects.
  • - Unlimited question sets
  • - Instant result
  • - History of solved question papers with result
  • - Parents can evaluate development of their child's knowledge from the Test Result.

Ask Any Question

Today's children are very clever and curious; but, various questions in their mind, remain unanswered. Students could ask all these questions through Growing Dots mobile app, being an Interactive Platform. Growing Dots Subject Matter Experts will provide answers, online, at the earliest.

Learning Video Gallery

- Learning is supported by videos on various topics from time to time.
- Videos help students to develop attitude and also help for Mulya Shikshan.

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Smart School App

Real Time Digital School Administration
  • Notice and Homework
  • Attendance
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Report Card
  • Dashboard
  • Feature on Demand

Homework and Notice board

- Daily homework posting in single action to all class
- Avoid spelling mistakes by child
- Proper parent awareness about home assignments
- Class wise / Subject wise homework posting facility
- Digital notice board for all stakeholders
- Can post standard wise/class wise notices
- Can send notifications for getting proper attention of parents


- Make easier daily attendance system
- Get all kind of attendance reports on single click required for school records

School Vehicle Live Tracking

- Track school transport bus/vehicle on mobile screen
- Avoid long waiting for transport by standing at society/home gate
- be alert on every aspect related with transport issue

Report Card

- Class wise, subject wise marks entry facility
- Which is the only one action need to do by every subject teacher
- After that report card will be generated automatically for every individual student

School Dashboard

- Get all statistical data/information on mobile screen with easy understanding level
- Get Student profile details as per records in one single click

Feature on Demand

Apart from these features, schools can demand any additional features as per their requirement and we will develop those and will deliver as earliest with no additional charge


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